once again, taking inspiration from Design*Sponge DIY Wednesday, (see last week’s entry

I made a little cosy for my french press.  Actually, since I’ve mostly converted to espresso, I’ve made a cosy for my friend’s French press.  Since my friend is a bloke, I tried to make the colors and fasteners a little more “guy.” 

So… after a few episodes of “Miss Marple” and some scraps of skeins leftover from a baby blanket, a scarf, and a hotwater bottle cosy, I knit up my own version of the d*s project.


I liked the colors together, so i modified the d*s pattern to include stripes… I had some felt onhand that matched the charcoal grey, and some fusible quilt batting, so to bulk up the insulating power of the cosy, I cut some batting and felt to match, and ironed them onto the backside.   There was hardly any change to the bulk of the cosy, but hopefully it will help keep the java nice n’ hot!

For fasteners, instead of using yarn ends at the top and bottom, i used some scraps of leather that I had in my toolbox and made some loops in the middle (my friend’s press is constructed a bit differently than the standard Bodum like mine, which models the cosy below).


This was exactly the sort of project I needed to occupy a few hours while home sick with the flu – I highly recommend it for a quick and easy happy little knitting event!