Following a tutorial on  Design*Sponge on a recent DIY Wednesday, I made a new cosy for my laptop! 

This couldn’t have been any easier… on the way back from a visit to the dentist, i treated myself to a wander through the fabric store (so what if it wasn’t strictly “on the way home”!) and found some great wool-blend felt in grey and gold.  To heft up the case just a bit, I bought a batch of fusible quilt batting (not called for in the tutorial, but it worked). 
After cutting what looked like a giant Red Cross symbol out of both colors of felt and the batting, I added some fusible tape to the edges and ironed everything up…computer-cosy-unfolded.jpg

To make it look smart when folded up, I left the gold under-layer a little bigger than the grey, and trimmed both to let the contrast show. I found some great ribbon at the fabric store, too, so I tucked that into one corner between layers of fusible tape to make a little pull-tab. The resulting case has been really handy, and all told, it was cheaper and quicker than finding a case somewhere online or in an electronics store!computer-in-cosy.jpg