My first love, and the reason for starting this blog, is letter-forms.  I’ve been delving more and more into calligraphy, and into making it a side business instead of just a here-and-there-hobby.  One of my current projects is the calligraphy for a friend’s wedding, for two friends who have a very streamlined, modern sense of style (and a wedding that reflects that).  I had been playing around with fancy copperplate-style scripts, and then found out that all they really wanted was a simple, sans-serif version of a foundational hand… 


these are some of the samples I’ve been working up, based on the preferences they outlined for me at our last get-together.  They identified a basic foundational hand, that they liked – just without all the little “flips” at the edges of the letters.  We all decided that “flip” was much more descriptive than “serif,” so this hand will be henceforth “sans-flip,” in their honor.