For Christmas, I got a lovely wee digital camera, which has been great fun to play around with.   Getting a camera made me think of how I would carry it (especially such a wonderfully portable little model) – what sort of case i could find to keep it safe while running around.   Combine that thought with being back home for the holiday, with my crafting-heroes of parents, and I started wondering how I could make something that I might otherwise buy…

I’ve been really enjoying knitting lately, though my expertise thus far extends to the stockinette stitch (not terribly complex).  I knitted up a couple of hotwater bottle cosys, one for my roommate and one for me (our apartment can be a bit chilly of a winter evening) and was ready for the next adventure.  On a trip to Michael’s, my mom and I fell in love with some of the projects in a book called Alterknits by Leigh Radford (, including this one…  , a felted case for a pda, complete with a little bit of embroidery.  Intrigued by the idea of felting, I started knitting up a bit of Lamb’s Pride chunky to see what might come of it.  In the book, she suggests sewing the fabric together before felting, but since I was completely guessing on how much the fabric would contract in the felting itself, i decided to leave it unsewn before tossing it in the washer. 

One round of felting didn’t quite make the stitches disappear, which is what the instructions said should happen:
camera case felting, round one

So I put it in for a second round, and got a much denser fabric:
camera case felting round two
This yarn is amazing… it knits so nicely, but the felt is just amazing to the touch!  as luck would have it, the felted fabric came to just the right width to fold and sew into an envelope-style case, which closes with a little tiger’s-eye button.  For kicks, I used some dark, dark brown embroidery floss and outlined a classic Leica on the back of the case…


now if only I could figure out how to use the camera to take pictures that aren’t blurry!!